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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 8)

“My Son, my precious son. How have you been?” former king, Robert’s father said looking at his son whom he met after days. 

“I am a good father. How was your tour?”

“You planned it perfectly. Just the way I wanted.”

“It’s great that you liked it. But for now I have to take your leave as the court will be starting soon.”

“Okay, meet me after the court I have to discuss something important.”

Robert nodding his head went from there to attend the court. 

In the evening, Robert remembered to meet his father who seemed to have something important to talk about.

“Your Highness, Your Majesty King Robert wants to have an audience,” one of the guards informed his father who seemed to be busy and confused to decide. 

“Send him in,” he said while gathering the papers in front of him.

“Good Evening….Father, you seemed to be busy. I’ll meet you some other time,” Robert said when he saw his father busy scribbling something.

“No, you sit. Talking to you is way more important.”

“Is everything alright.”

“Yes, actually I am thinking from days that you should remarry.”

“Father, I don’t want to talk about it now.”

“No, son it is actually the correct time. You are already trying to make an alliance with Kiribati and if you marry the princess Alexandra……”

“It’s enough, father. I don’t want to remarry.”

“But son, she is perfect…..”

“You said that for Cinderella too and then made sure that I don’t get close to her.”

“Son, she was never worthy.”

“She was Dad. And it’s time you also understand that. With her I was a human, who lived and loved but now I am not less than a dead man. I am living to have a glance of her and my child whom with your grace I won’t be meeting in this lifetime and you know what I don’t blame you because you just told me what to do but I was the one who did it. I did everything. So, please Father stop telling me to remarry.”

He left the room with tears in his eyes which were on the verge of falling. He thought he was broken till now but now understood he had shattered. Shattered in pieces, to be not joined again.

Everything in his room was broken and shattered with him sitting in the middle of the room. The chocolate box was in his hands. Chocolates reminded him of her. 


“Cinderella, Cinderella…”

“His Highness, Princess is in the kitchen,” one of the maids told him.

he walked to the kitchen to see Cinderella covered in chocolate head to toe laughing pointing at the kitten.

“Cinderella, what’s all this? You should not be working.”

“Ya, act….actually you liked…the chocolate…..before….so I thou….thought to….make it again,” she tried to say while laughing.

It was an amusing sight to see the princess covered in chocolate and the prince trying to take her to a room where she wouldn’t go because she would make the floor dirty. 

“Come….,” the prince said, taking her in his arms. He took her to the room and cleaned her while she was busy admiring him and thanking God for giving her the best husband anyone could get. 

“Now, you are not allowed in the kitchen,” he said, bringing her out of her world.

“But Robert I love cooking,” she said while making the cutest face trying to agree with him. “Please, pleaseeeee!”

“Okay fine. But if what happened today will be done again then I won’t listen to you.”

“You are the best,” she said as she kissed him.

“I know that,” he said, kissing her back.


He didn’t know how he became the one she started to hate, he couldn’t look in the mirror again. Everything between them was beautiful and unique but he destroyed it because it was what his father demanded. 


“Father, you called.”

“Yes, I did.”

“What’s so urgent before the court?”

“Sit down son. Let’s talk.”

The king came with some documents and handed them over to the prince.

“Son, these are official documents for the collaboration with the other states.”

“Okay, father.”

“Actually there is something else I want to talk about.”

“Yes, father.”

“Son, you are the future king and my expectations are way too more than you think. And to fulfill those you have to act appropriately.”

“I don’t understand it.”

“Son, don’t get attached to the Princess. She is just a woman to give your heir not to love. A king can’t love someone or get attached. Think it yourself.”


After this nothing was the same neither prince or Princess nor their relationship. It was ruined the second he decided to listen to his father because he had to become the king. The king who will rule not love because that’s what he has to do.

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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 7)

Dear Cinderella,

Another day is spent without you. It has been five years since you have gone. Isn’t it said absence makes the heart grow fonder it is absolutely true as after you left the castle I realised how important you were? It was your decision to leave and my….. ego to never stop you. If you ask whether I regret it or not then I do. I do regret everything I have done to you. 

I wanted you to run against the clock to learn all the rules and mannerism of a princess which we royals learn from birth and still are imperfect. I should have given you the chance to settle down but I never did and all that is left to me is regret. 

I remember the day I first met you, you were like an angel walking down the aisle in a blue magnificent gown. Even when I couldn’t see your face I knew you were the miracle I have been dreaming of. That dance was one of its kind. We never met each other but everything around us was in sync, we were at each other’s pace. It seemed we already knew each other. That moment I knew it had to be you. 

Then we got married the same as the fairytales you used to tell Samantha and I thought you were acting like an angel because no one is so naive and innocent.

I took you for granted. I thought you were my property, someone who has to follow my orders, obey me and within all this, I didn’t realise when I lost you and…… myself. I lost the prince who enjoyed small happiness because I had to be…… the king. The King.

And when I am the king today all I could think about is you. Every second you are on my mind. I think about you, about our child, about how unique our family would be. Our future would have been so beautiful with you being my side. I miss chocolates made by you, every servant in the castle is tired of my tantrums at the dining table because I don’t like the way they decorate it. There was a strange calming aroma around the table when you decorated it.

I always told you what a princess does and what not but eventually forgot what a prince should do. I wanted to cage you in this castle, in this golden cage but forgot that you were a free bird who will fly high leaving everything behind. 

Cinderella, for once I want to meet you and my child. I promise I won’t ask you for the child or you to come back. I have learned from my mistakes and I just want to tell you how sorry I am for what I did. I and my fairy tale castle are not what you deserve, you deserve a lot better. 

“Your Majesty, it is time for the court,” the adviser said, reminding him of the meeting he had with villagers regarding their issues. 

“Yes, will be there in a minute”, the letter which had his secret was again made part of the drawer which had hundreds of other letters which were to be sent to her in years but he never got the courage. 

Will he ever get the courage to send those letters?

Will he meet Cinderella and his child?

Will they be together again?

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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 5)

“The dinner was planned very efficiently Princess,” queen Teresa of Florida said as she kept admiring the arrangements. “It is arranged the same way queen Helen used to do. She taught you very well.” Cinderella was happy with all the appreciation she got today but the one of whom she was waiting from hours never came. Excusing herself she went to the kitchen to see if desert was ready or not.


Last few days, she has become close to everyone in the palace especially the royal cook, Jackson. He is an old fellow who is serving the royal family from years and treats Cinderella as his daughter. She also likes his company because he is the one after queen Helen who does not think her useless. They don’t tell her that she is lucky to get married to Prince Robert and they do not tell her how good he is with people. Whenever she listens it feels they are talking about a completely different person. Because her husband is not nearly sweet especially with her. In starting she reasoned his anger as the pressure of court, she thought he was trying too hard to become a better king. But now when his anger is constant he does not feel like the same person she fell in love. Now every time someone takes his name all she could remember is him questioning their marriage. It’s just been two months and he has already started questioning their marriage and she can’t do anything to stop him. Even the thought scares her but she tries to be better, to be better as a princess, to be a better wife, to be someone who could be useful to him to share his burden, not someone who he thinks as a burden. She never asked for a fancy life but now all she got is that. She always prayed for a peaceful life with a small family with no worries. When she first came to the dinner planned by prince Robert she thought it could be true, her dreams could become reality, he might be the one but he….. he is someone different, someone she can’t recognise. And now she has become a fancy doll whose only work is to plan dinners and banquets whenever required. She wanted to do something notable, something important in her life but can’t see or find anything. With everything going on she finds herself as confused as she was when her mother and father left this world one by one. 

“Princess dessert is ready. Should we arrange it?” Jackson asked as he started to decorate it. “Umm, …….I’ll see and will tell you,” she said making her way down the hall. “Princess, you seem to be upset,” Jackson once again asked because normally she is vivacious personality but from few days she seemed to be disturbed about something. “It’s nothing to worry, Jack,” she smiled and went to the hall. In the hall, which was full of people and everybody was looking at her, but what took her attention was her husband’s eyes which were red with anger, “Princess, everybody wanted to meet you. Where were you? I was searching for you”, he said as he came towards her and his grip on her hand became tight and painful with his every word. The tears in her eyes were about to drop but she controlled herself, “Sorry Prince. I went to check the arrangements for dessert which will be here any minute.” he smirked and took her to meet king of Armenia while his hold on her hand was not losing a bit. For some time she tried to control her pain and whenever she tried to take her hand away from him it only got worse. Slowly, everything around her became blurry and all she heard was her name being called but with every second she only found herself in deep slumber.

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Secret Message of LOVE

This park always make me feel peace. The peace which was not part of my day to day life but this park holds the memories which will always be part of my life. The memories which cannot be forgotten, the memories of my first love. A few years back I had a routine to come to this park daily. It gave me the peace, undeniable silence and some time to process my thoughts. Every day I used to sit on the same bench shared with a boy who never looked away from his book, actually the best part about sitting with him. He gave me the necessary time to think in silence which I desired but one day changed everything.

I was stressed out and sitting in the park I ate many heart candies with a secret message on them but I only collected them without reading. Suddenly, a call came which was regarding some work and I collected all my things and when I started walking a voice interrupted, ‘Excuse me, I think these are yours.’ The voice belonged to the boy who usually sat near me but it was the first time listening to his voice, his voice was masculine but with a strange calmness. The calmness which can soothe all the pain inside one’s heart. He again asked, ‘These belongs to you, right?’ His voice was filled with uncertainty making me realise that I haven’t answered yet. ‘I am so sorry…….and yes these belong to me.’ I answered collecting all the secret messages from heart candies which he was referring. He smiled which was enough to warm one’s soul. I never had a crush on him but seeing him smiling realised how I have a crush on him from days I don’t know. I left the place in a hurry making myself an idiot in front of him who was staring at him from which anyone could feel uncomfortable. After that, I was busy for weeks which led me not to read those secret messages. It was Saturday night when I finally read those messages. The messages were quite intimate which confused me.

“I met you here when you were sad.”

“I met you when you were happy.”

“I met you many times without being noticed.”

“I loved how you laughed.”

“I loved the way you smiled.”

“I could be your secret admirer or the one who loves you deeply.”

“I can be anyone. You just need to find me.”

“You are the music which makes my life an Ephiny.”

“I wish to be with you.”

“Everything is strange in this world but with you it is beautiful.”

The last message actually took my breath away.

“It seems you love these heart candies with secret messages. One last message from the boy next to you, ‘Would you like to have coffee with me?'”

I couldn’t believe that he had noticed me from his book. He was a bookworm but his confession was cute.

The message continued, ‘If you are okay then come and meet me on the same bench tomorrow 11 am.’

Next day did changed my life.

‘Shreya’, the love of my life called. ‘Let’s go’, he said sitting near me.

‘Come let’s sit here. It’s beautiful to sit here with you,’ I said as we interlocked our hands.

‘Would you like to have coffee with me again?’ he said reminding us the memories of happiness we had bring together in our life . Life is graceful and beautiful with him.

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Album of Memories (Part 2)

The soft breeze touched refreshing their memories together when Shreya was a young child she was also part of these little ventures. But as she grew older she became distant and her parents also gave her the needed space. While growing up, she never felt the change but now it seems, some things changed. “Dad, you remember when I used to come with you two, I always wanted to roam around but both of you had your special place decided and I always used to distract you both with my tantrums,” she said smiling at her parents who smiled back. “Yes, you used to but we loved that about you and now that you are with us let’s go and eat something,” saying this her father took them to their favourite restaurant. That day Shreya and her parents enjoyed a lot and she got to know their secret places where they usually used to come. She noticed how her parents also had their little nok-jhok but every time one or the other pacifies. She was still in thought when her mother asked,” Shreya, what are you thinking? Is everything okay?” Shreya looked at her mother who was looking at her with concern, she smiled and answered, “Mom, I was thinking about dad and your relationship. It is so pure, nothing in it is fake. You both show every emotion to each other and there is always that unknown sense of understanding between you both which makes it even more beautiful.” Her parents smiled and looked at her proudly when suddenly her father said, “Do you when we got married I only knew your mother’s name and the same was with her. It took years for us to develop the relationship we have now. But we both did efforts to make it successful. You know when you want to make a relationship work it has to be a joint effort from you and your partner. There were times when we didn’t agree with each other but instead of fighting we chose to talk and resolve the matter. If to tell you frankly then yes it sometimes used to get worse but it did work. If you have patience and trust then you can make a relationship work. It is not an overnight project but a lifetime project which has to be done by both the partners with equal effort.”

Now, Shreya was very clear what she wanted in a relationship and how much efforts it takes to make it work.