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It Is Earth Day Today

Today is 22nd March, the day to celebrate World Earth Day. It is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the annual celebration of the environment. And also it is the first Earth Day to be celebrated digitally. During this epidemic, COVID-19 when everyone is trying their best especially our corona warriors, we are again reminded of our duties towards our environment. The environment we neglect usually, this year we have time to give some contribution. 

If I go with the data presented lately by various departments then it shows how the air around us has been purified naturally giving us purest air to breathe. The spring season which was just the part of books from years, or used to get lost in between winter and summer is now actually part of our calendar. 

If I go back in history to see why the first Earth Day was celebrated in the US then there are many people to blame but the real one to damage our environment is us. We human beings are the vulnerable species which had destroyed the environment we live. 

It takes just few simple steps to protect our environment which we have been reading from years but never thought to apply them. After lockdown when we all will be outside our homes again then it will be the time to follow these steps.

  1. Walk to your nearby areas.
  2. Use public transport 
  3. Plant more trees
  4. Stop being the harmful species for the Earth you live. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe and keep the Earth Green.

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A Letter Of Hope

My dear,

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

― Bill Keane

Today is a gift of God, the gift which gave us our lives. We run all our lives to accomplish something that does not matter in the end. Sometimes it is money or other material things. In all of this what we forget is ourselves and our family. We forget that it is not always money but the time, the quality time spent with our loved ones because the only thing that never comes back is the time. 

What we have lost is lost but what we got is all we got. We often remember the golden days of our lives and let me bet those are the days where you have had fun with your people. The people you loved and they loved you back unconditionally.

 Ask someone who has no one with them at the time of need, ask the importance of a friend to someone who does not have a friend, ask the importance of family to an orphan. We all have our families who love us unconditionally and these days due to any reason you have got to spend with them but if you choose to waste these days grieving for your work or other matters then let me tell you they aren’t going to come back. 

These days when people are going insane because of staying home, there are families who are enjoying their time together either cooking or doing other stuff. It is what is called spending quality time. There might be some members of your family who are at some other place but we have the technology, talk, video chat with them.

 There are many options instead of saying no. Not everyone finds a way in the darkest of forests, it is the one who never stops finding, finding the hope, the hope which helps him keep going. 

One speciality of time is that it never stops whether it is good or bad it will pass. So this time too shall pass. It is possible that it might stay for a little bit long but it will pass.

 It will pass and the roads which are deserted now will again be crowded with vehicles, the continuous honking in a traffic jam will again hurt your ear, you will again be in the office where you might hate your boss but love your work, your office desk will be waiting for you to work on it, you will again drink that special ginger tea from the peon of your office, those black coffees to stay you awake will again be made continuously, your ears will again be able to hear the gossips which will entertain you for a moment, you again will have those rides on your favourite scooty, you again will be called endlessly to ask the menu for dinner. We will do everything again but till then enjoy what you have got today. 

Enjoy the life which you have over others who have lost it, value it and live present joyfully, follow your passions which were forgotten due to your busy schedule, do exercise which you weren’t able to give the time when you had an office, do everything you love because we won’t be getting these days again to make lifetime memories. 

These days will be part of history so do we, we are fighting staying inside our homes, following all the instructions given by the government. So the only thing I want to say in the end is, thank god for what you have got and enjoyed every day of it. 

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10 things to do at home during lockdown

Against this epidemic disease we all are bound to stay at home to stop the chain. And after the lockdown was declared by our honourable prime minister on 24th March 2020. Today is the second day of lockdown and many of us are bored. 

Here, I am listing some indoor activities which might help with your boredom. 

  1. Amazon Prime and Netflix provide a variety of content with movies and shows which we wanted to see from long but never got the time. It is time to watch them.
  2. Clean your house I am sure with a busy life no one is able to arrange their cupboard and there are things which are lost in them. Then let’s go and find them. You can also decorate it with the DIYs which you were waiting to try.
  1. If you miss playing then play some indoor games which might refresh your childhood memories.
  2. Give some break to the ladies and do some cooking shooking.
  3. Reading books has always been my favourite and many of you too love that. So go and find the online editions of the books you love.
  4. Spend some time with family and kids. Talk to them and let me assure you, you definitely would know things which you never noticed due to your busy schedule.
  5. Terrace garden/ Urban gardening is very much liked by people nowadays. And if you are also one of them who love it but can’t do it because you are not allowed outside then transform your terrace in the garden you love.
  6. I am sure everyone loves a healthy body and because you can’t go to the gym but some exercise on your terrace or balcony will definitely do it.
  7. Make some memories with your family. Take snaps of this time to make it memorable.
  8. Well, a little bit of preparation before you start your work again after a few days will do it. Read about the new studies done in your field of work. It might amaze you.

Hopefully, these will help you to avoid the boredom. 

Stay home, stay safe.