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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 5)

“The dinner was planned very efficiently Princess,” queen Teresa of Florida said as she kept admiring the arrangements. “It is arranged the same way queen Helen used to do. She taught you very well.” Cinderella was happy with all the appreciation she got today but the one of whom she was waiting from hours never came. Excusing herself she went to the kitchen to see if desert was ready or not.


Last few days, she has become close to everyone in the palace especially the royal cook, Jackson. He is an old fellow who is serving the royal family from years and treats Cinderella as his daughter. She also likes his company because he is the one after queen Helen who does not think her useless. They don’t tell her that she is lucky to get married to Prince Robert and they do not tell her how good he is with people. Whenever she listens it feels they are talking about a completely different person. Because her husband is not nearly sweet especially with her. In starting she reasoned his anger as the pressure of court, she thought he was trying too hard to become a better king. But now when his anger is constant he does not feel like the same person she fell in love. Now every time someone takes his name all she could remember is him questioning their marriage. It’s just been two months and he has already started questioning their marriage and she can’t do anything to stop him. Even the thought scares her but she tries to be better, to be better as a princess, to be a better wife, to be someone who could be useful to him to share his burden, not someone who he thinks as a burden. She never asked for a fancy life but now all she got is that. She always prayed for a peaceful life with a small family with no worries. When she first came to the dinner planned by prince Robert she thought it could be true, her dreams could become reality, he might be the one but he….. he is someone different, someone she can’t recognise. And now she has become a fancy doll whose only work is to plan dinners and banquets whenever required. She wanted to do something notable, something important in her life but can’t see or find anything. With everything going on she finds herself as confused as she was when her mother and father left this world one by one. 

“Princess dessert is ready. Should we arrange it?” Jackson asked as he started to decorate it. “Umm, …….I’ll see and will tell you,” she said making her way down the hall. “Princess, you seem to be upset,” Jackson once again asked because normally she is vivacious personality but from few days she seemed to be disturbed about something. “It’s nothing to worry, Jack,” she smiled and went to the hall. In the hall, which was full of people and everybody was looking at her, but what took her attention was her husband’s eyes which were red with anger, “Princess, everybody wanted to meet you. Where were you? I was searching for you”, he said as he came towards her and his grip on her hand became tight and painful with his every word. The tears in her eyes were about to drop but she controlled herself, “Sorry Prince. I went to check the arrangements for dessert which will be here any minute.” he smirked and took her to meet king of Armenia while his hold on her hand was not losing a bit. For some time she tried to control her pain and whenever she tried to take her hand away from him it only got worse. Slowly, everything around her became blurry and all she heard was her name being called but with every second she only found herself in deep slumber.

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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 4)

“Cinderella, please this event should be thoroughly planned from the main course to sweet dish, dance to the songs to be played, sitting place of dukes and counts and ministers, everything should be perfectly planned. Do not mess it up like last time, because I won’t be taking your side this time. Please don’t make me regret my decision of marrying you”, Robert said as he fixed his clothes to attend the court. Today is a big day to celebrate prince Robert’s success in the agreement made with neighbouring country and also to celebrate his first step to become the future king.  


Prince Robert and Cinderella were happy until they came back from their honeymoon. When they came it was only happiness all over their faces. Cinderella believed her destiny is changed, finally she got someone who would love her immensely and will be happy to spend his life with her, she thought it was happily ever after now but what she wasn’t aware is that happily ever after never existed, it is just a myth because the ending of one story writes the beginning of another. She thought she had given all the tests of life but what she forgot that life is all about these tests and changes that comes along with them. These tests write our destiny for the better or worse but all we have to do is to keep going. Cinderella who never ever planned a single dinner at her home was now expected to plan the dinner for all the respected members who will come from different countries across the world. Last time she tried to do things the way she would want in spite of being warned by her mother in law who is a decent lady with an optimistic thinking. She tried to tell Cinderella that things don’t happen the way she wants and even guided her but the enthusiasm in Cinderella’s eyes made her stop. This time Cinderella decided to take help of her as she always knew what is to be done in a situation like this. She wanted to learn things from her if this will help her to make her relationship with Robert better. She didn’t want dinner to be the reason for Robert to leave her. She was afraid to be left alone again when she can try and fix everything up. Changing her clothes she went to queen Helen. She knocked on the door and went inside as queen Helen asked her to come in. “Your Highness”, Cinderella curtsied as queen Helen offered her the seat near her. “Princess Cinderella, is there anything I can do?”, she asked politely. “Queen Helen I am here…I am…..,” she searched for words to ask her help but only stuttered more. “It’s okay princess you can ask for anything,” queen tried to calm Cinderella who was freaking out thinking of the disaster she did in the last dinner. “Queen Helen, you know how terrible I am at arranging dinners after seeing the last one planned by me. This time … this time I don’t want to make mistakes and for this, I will need your help. Please don’t say No”, she finally said expecting queen Helen to say something but instead queen went to her cupboard looking for something. She waited patiently for a few minutes and queen come with a diary in her hand. “Take this”, she handed Cinderella the diary which was a little bit worn and old but the content inside seemed to be intact. Cinderella confusedly started to speak but kept quiet as the queen indicated her to open it. She opened it to find the list of people to be invited at different dinners and was amazed to see that names were added and removed from time to time. “This diary is passed from generations so that no one had to worry about all the culture and traditions because we all are human and forgetfulness is in our nature which is very difficult to deal with. This diary consist of the names of persons you need to invite at different occasions and also the food which has to be made and all other traditions are written in it”, the queen said smilingly. Cinderella thanked the queen and took the diary and went to prepare for the upcoming event as this time she wanted to prove herself to be worthy and she believed if planning a dinner according to royal tradition will help her regain the love from her husband then she would be happy to do that. 

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Twisted Tale of Cinderella 3

“Do you prince Robert Noah McCleary take Cinderella James as your lawfully wedded wife?”, Father of royal church asked the groom who was waiting for this from long.

“Yes, I do”, prince said as he looked towards Cinderella who was already delighted with the fact. “I Robert Noah McCleary takes you Cinderella James as my lawfully wedded wife. Cinderella we met by destiny and the second I saw you, I knew it was you all along. I believe in fate and destiny but I also believe we are only fated to do things that we’d choose anyway. And I chose you. You are the love of my life, you are my inspiration, you are the one who makes me better every day and I vow to become better every day for the rest of our lives. I promise to love you, take care of you in thick and thin and sickness and health. I choose you to be the one with whom I would love to spend my life,” he completed his vows looking towards Cinderella who was overjoyed and tears were on the verge of her eyes. She knew these were the best lines someone ever said to her.

The father then turned and asked Cinderella, “Do you Cinderella James take Robert Noah McCleary as your lawfully wedded husband?” She wiped her tears and smiled holding his hands tightly as she spoke with a smile on her face,” Yes, I do.” “I Cinderella James takes you Robert Noah McCleary as my lawfully wedded husband. I vow to love you unconditionally, to encourage and inspire you, to walk with you hand in hand, and to be with you in every low and high. My destiny made me meet you. You made me what I am today. Thank You for everything. Love you.”

“Now you may kiss the bride.” Voice of the Father made them aware of their surroundings. 

Robert came near her and his hand went on her back before he kissed her. He poured his love in that kiss assuring her he will always be there for her no matter what situation it is.

After a small party they went for their honeymoon.

Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t end here.

Stay home, stay safe.

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Wedding Invitation

Here’s the wedding invitation of prince Robert Noah McCleary and Ms. Cinderella James. it would be very gracious if everyone will bless them for their upcoming life.

Stay Home and Stay Safe.

Will meet you tomorrow at 12 noon.

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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 2)

Link for Part 1:

“Good Morning, miss!”, the Royal Minister said as he forwarded the gift sent by the prince. It’s been a month since Prince Robert and Cinderella decided to know each other instead of getting married. From then on, Prince sends gifts occasionally while Cinderella every time sends the bouquet of his favourite flowers to show her gratitude. Both of them were happy in their small world where Prince was an ordinary boy who likes Cinderella very much, an ordinary boy who wants happiness in his life, a life which is full with allowances with other states and other political matters. For once, in his life, he wanted to live a life full of love.

Cinderella who was working in the garden welcomed the minister and went to wash her hands. “I am sorry to disturb you”, the minister said as he forwarded the gift. “It’s completely okay, sir. And not you but I should be sorry. Thank you for bringing this.” She said as she overwhelmingly took the gift and gave him the flower bouquet which was a little different from other times. 

Everything was different and beautiful for them. She never imagined a life like this where she could be happy the way she is now. Even angels envied their love and understanding. It was great between the two. Her stepmother and sisters were also not able to say or do something against her. They were thankful to Cinderella for letting them stay in the house but were still in search of a chance where they can again transfer the property on their name which will lead Cinderella to be again on road with no one by her side. But for now, they chose to remain quiet.

Finishing her work, Cinderella went to her room to open the gift. Her room now has everything given by him, whether it was a chocolate pudding or a necklace for their date night. Everything was precious to her. She even kept the wrappers nicely packed in one of the corners of her almirah. It sounded cliche but not for her. It was the first time she felt loved and she didn’t want to leave any memory behind. Unwrapping the gift she found a beautiful dress, similar to what she wore on banquet night. She found it amazing to know that he noticed all those details to prepare a new one. She was busy in admiring the dress when saw a paper folded in the box. 

“My Dear Cinderella,

I hope you liked the dress. It holds some beautiful memories of us together. I sent you this dress for a reason which I would like to reveal when I’ll meet you for dinner tonight to a special place. Be ready at 7. 

Your Robert”

“It’s already 3. I have to get ready fast.” She started preparing for the night’s dinner which was going to be special. She was eager to meet him and see his surprises. In this one month, he showed her the places he liked, she got to know every single detail about him. He was a nice human being who was specially made for her.

It was 6:45 and she was ready in her room in the dress gifted by him with a necklace which was worn by her mother on her wedding and the same pair of heels which she wore on banquet night, waiting for the prince’s chariot to arrive when she heard some sounds outside her window. She was scared but gathered her courage and went near to see who it was when her eyes only grew big with shock. 

“You? Why are you here at this time?”