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It Is Earth Day Today

Today is 22nd March, the day to celebrate World Earth Day. It is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the annual celebration of the environment. And also it is the first Earth Day to be celebrated digitally. During this epidemic, COVID-19 when everyone is trying their best especially our corona warriors, we are again reminded of our duties towards our environment. The environment we neglect usually, this year we have time to give some contribution. 

If I go with the data presented lately by various departments then it shows how the air around us has been purified naturally giving us purest air to breathe. The spring season which was just the part of books from years, or used to get lost in between winter and summer is now actually part of our calendar. 

If I go back in history to see why the first Earth Day was celebrated in the US then there are many people to blame but the real one to damage our environment is us. We human beings are the vulnerable species which had destroyed the environment we live. 

It takes just few simple steps to protect our environment which we have been reading from years but never thought to apply them. After lockdown when we all will be outside our homes again then it will be the time to follow these steps.

  1. Walk to your nearby areas.
  2. Use public transport 
  3. Plant more trees
  4. Stop being the harmful species for the Earth you live. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe and keep the Earth Green.


It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.

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