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Twisted Tale Of Cinderella (Part 6)

“It looked like the princess was taking some stress lately. But from now on take care of her. It’s an incredibly important stage of your lives. She will need your support and care all the time,” the doctor told the prince Robert who was pacing in the hall. He was happy to become a father, after all, he was giving an heir to the kingdom but was much more relieved that her getting unconscious has nothing to do with him. When everyone expected him to meet the princess and tell her the good news himself instead he went to the dinner because he could not afford to miss it.

Queen Helen seeing her son’s behaviour thought to be with Cinderella. Because she would like to know this news from someone who is very close to her and if it can’t be her husband then it could be her who has taken her as a daughter. 

After an hour Cinderella woke up feeling a light headache and found queen Helen sitting on the sofa reading. “Your highness, Why are you here? And why am I here?” she said as she tried to recall the moments before an hour. “Princess, you need to rest. These coming months are very important to you and our kingdom. You need to take care of yourself because….”, before the queen could say Cinderella said with no emotions on her face, “because I am pregnant”. The queen saw her face which had no emotions on it. She was not happy with the greatest gift she has got in her life. “Princess, you do not seem to be happy. It is the gift every woman prays to god but look at you, you got this gift and you are not even happy or being grateful to it”, the queen said explaining to her how beautiful it is to become a mother. Cinderella cried for a few minutes which made queen Helen worried about her. “Don’t cry dear. Everything is okay. I know sometimes news like this could be overwhelming but everything is good. There is nothing to get worried”, she said trying to calm her down. 

“I am scared, mother. I am scared. This child is the future of reign and will become king one day and also learn what his father will tell him. I don’t want my child to have any quality of his father. I also know I don’t have any other option than giving birth but still I wish that this child would not come to this world where he has a father who is not human at all. I also know you must be thinking about what an awful mother I am who wishes her child to be dead. I am an awful mother. I know I am”, she said crying hard.

The Queen could understand why she feels like this, there was a time when she thought the same but in the end, her mother’s love won and she gave birth to Robert. She tried her best to mould him her way but instead, he chose to be the image of his father. Queen Helen has also crossed the same path once and had seen its consequence too but this time she wasn’t ready to make Cinderella do the same so she decided to confront her son. Making Cinderella calm down she said with determination, “You don’t have to worry about it anymore. Everything will be good and you don’t have to think bad about anything. Robert will be the husband you always wanted and will become a great father.” Queen Helen’s words did raise some hope for Cinderella, for a moment she thought everything would be the way she wanted, she would get back her prince with whom she fell in love. 

Queen Helen went to her room ordering the servant to get Robert in her room as soon as possible. After a few minutes he came, “Mother, you asked for me”. He said as he sat down. “Yes, Prince Robert. I wanted to talk to you something,” she said, composing herself. “Yes, mother. But please make it a little fast because I have to be downstairs,” he said, correcting his bow tie. “No, you don’t,” the queen said angrily on the words said by the prince. “No, you don’t have to be downstairs instead you should be with Cinderella celebrating the joy of parenthood, to be grateful to the gift given by god to you. Not everyone is as lucky as you. And you are wandering around. You should respect and love your wife. She is the one who will be giving you this god’s gift. Be thankful to her.”

“Mother, you need to watch your tongue. And why should I be thankful for her instead she should be thankful to me, who has given her this life, she was living in rugs. I was the one who made her princess and you say I should be thankful  to her.”

“Of course mother he is right. He gave me this life. I am the one who should be grateful to him,” Cinderella said, who heard their conversation when she came to ask something from the queen. “Prince, let me tell you one thing. If my name is Cinderella, it doesn’t mean that I have a lifelong stigma of being poor and disadvantaged. My life back home was definitely not luxurious like here but at least I could sleep in peace at night. But here, I fear everything. I might not be royal but I am the best you could ever get. The temper and manners you have cannot let you have anyone beside you. It is patience developed by me in years that helped me during these months. I would not have spoken a word to you but it is not just me but it is my child. I want the best for my child and you are not even good. I have empathy, passion, kindness and humble gratitude. I am a beauty inside out……… and my child and I deserve a far better man than you. So not I but you should be grateful to me that I chose to be your princess instead of the girls who dated you before..”


It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.

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