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10 things to do at home during lockdown

Against this epidemic disease we all are bound to stay at home to stop the chain. And after the lockdown was declared by our honourable prime minister on 24th March 2020. Today is the second day of lockdown and many of us are bored. 

Here, I am listing some indoor activities which might help with your boredom. 

  1. Amazon Prime and Netflix provide a variety of content with movies and shows which we wanted to see from long but never got the time. It is time to watch them.
  2. Clean your house I am sure with a busy life no one is able to arrange their cupboard and there are things which are lost in them. Then let’s go and find them. You can also decorate it with the DIYs which you were waiting to try.
  1. If you miss playing then play some indoor games which might refresh your childhood memories.
  2. Give some break to the ladies and do some cooking shooking.
  3. Reading books has always been my favourite and many of you too love that. So go and find the online editions of the books you love.
  4. Spend some time with family and kids. Talk to them and let me assure you, you definitely would know things which you never noticed due to your busy schedule.
  5. Terrace garden/ Urban gardening is very much liked by people nowadays. And if you are also one of them who love it but can’t do it because you are not allowed outside then transform your terrace in the garden you love.
  6. I am sure everyone loves a healthy body and because you can’t go to the gym but some exercise on your terrace or balcony will definitely do it.
  7. Make some memories with your family. Take snaps of this time to make it memorable.
  8. Well, a little bit of preparation before you start your work again after a few days will do it. Read about the new studies done in your field of work. It might amaze you.

Hopefully, these will help you to avoid the boredom. 

Stay home, stay safe.


It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.

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