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Stitches of Love

Stitches of love.

Well, this is what my mother used to call a relationship. My mother, she is a very simple and inspiring woman who led a life which was very difficult for her but never stopped trying hard. This was what she taught us, to be brave whatever the situation is. I have admired every aspect of my mother’s personality whether it was love and care for her family, or the passion for her work, or how brave and courageous she was. My mother had a small tailoring shop which helped us to survive after my father’s death. My father was in the army and died while fighting for his country. I was 5 years old and my brother was 2 years old. I never saw her crying. She was proud to be the wife of an army man. Eventually, my brother took our family’s legacy and joined the army last year which we all are proud of. 

When I grew up, most of the time other than school or college was spent at her shop. I saw her working for hours constantly without taking a break. She loved her work and tried to be better every day. The time I passed the school and was preparing to take admission in the college, my mother took me with her to work in her shop. I loved helping her so I went there and started helping her when she brought a piece of cloth to make a dress. She said, “Kriti, you know every piece of cloth is like a relationship. The way this piece of cloth is made with delicacy, the relationship is also handled with delicacy so it can flourish. When a cloth is stitched, it is done with the utmost care and if it tears then we do not staple it instead stitch it again. Like this when a relationship somehow gets torn then we do not staple it means we do not think of an instant solution instead think of something permanent. Stapling a cloth only helps it torn to the level when it cannot be repaired. It is the same with a relationship, when we think of instant solutions and does not try to find the actual solution then it only destroys a relationship to the level where it cannot be repaired. But when we stitch the cloth it solves the problem and saves the cloth from destroying. It is the same with a relationship, when we try to repair it with love, care and our belief then it is turned into a great relationship. Every relationship needs to be worked upon it. All that matters is that you love the person with you are.” She didn’t drag the matter but still told her point. 

At last, all that matters are stitches of love.

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It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.

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