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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 2)

Link for Part 1:

“Good Morning, miss!”, the Royal Minister said as he forwarded the gift sent by the prince. It’s been a month since Prince Robert and Cinderella decided to know each other instead of getting married. From then on, Prince sends gifts occasionally while Cinderella every time sends the bouquet of his favourite flowers to show her gratitude. Both of them were happy in their small world where Prince was an ordinary boy who likes Cinderella very much, an ordinary boy who wants happiness in his life, a life which is full with allowances with other states and other political matters. For once, in his life, he wanted to live a life full of love.

Cinderella who was working in the garden welcomed the minister and went to wash her hands. “I am sorry to disturb you”, the minister said as he forwarded the gift. “It’s completely okay, sir. And not you but I should be sorry. Thank you for bringing this.” She said as she overwhelmingly took the gift and gave him the flower bouquet which was a little different from other times. 

Everything was different and beautiful for them. She never imagined a life like this where she could be happy the way she is now. Even angels envied their love and understanding. It was great between the two. Her stepmother and sisters were also not able to say or do something against her. They were thankful to Cinderella for letting them stay in the house but were still in search of a chance where they can again transfer the property on their name which will lead Cinderella to be again on road with no one by her side. But for now, they chose to remain quiet.

Finishing her work, Cinderella went to her room to open the gift. Her room now has everything given by him, whether it was a chocolate pudding or a necklace for their date night. Everything was precious to her. She even kept the wrappers nicely packed in one of the corners of her almirah. It sounded cliche but not for her. It was the first time she felt loved and she didn’t want to leave any memory behind. Unwrapping the gift she found a beautiful dress, similar to what she wore on banquet night. She found it amazing to know that he noticed all those details to prepare a new one. She was busy in admiring the dress when saw a paper folded in the box. 

“My Dear Cinderella,

I hope you liked the dress. It holds some beautiful memories of us together. I sent you this dress for a reason which I would like to reveal when I’ll meet you for dinner tonight to a special place. Be ready at 7. 

Your Robert”

“It’s already 3. I have to get ready fast.” She started preparing for the night’s dinner which was going to be special. She was eager to meet him and see his surprises. In this one month, he showed her the places he liked, she got to know every single detail about him. He was a nice human being who was specially made for her.

It was 6:45 and she was ready in her room in the dress gifted by him with a necklace which was worn by her mother on her wedding and the same pair of heels which she wore on banquet night, waiting for the prince’s chariot to arrive when she heard some sounds outside her window. She was scared but gathered her courage and went near to see who it was when her eyes only grew big with shock. 

“You? Why are you here at this time?”


It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.

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