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Twisted Tale of Cinderella

We all have read the story about Cinderella. How a fairy godmother helped her to go for a banquet dance but with a condition to return back till midnight. In the end, the prince comes and sees if the shoe fits or not and then Cinderella got married to the prince and they lived happily ever after. But what if Cinderella never agreed to marry the prince. How the story would have been? Let’s see it.

“Your Majesty, we finally found the girl,” the royal minister told the prince with a smile on his face. The face of the prince lit up which was sad from days, he finally found the one who was perfect for him. “Wonderful! Arrange the meeting in the evening”, he told the royal minister. “Sure, sir”, the royal minister went to arrange the meeting with Cinderella. The prince was excited to meet the girl who stole his heart within few hours. She had the sparkle, the spirit to live which was missing from his life. He wanted her to be the one who will guide him towards a beautiful life filled with joy and happiness.

The royal minister reaches Cinderella’s house where her stepmother and stepsisters were planning to ruin her life. But what they were not aware of was the signed property letter by Cinderella’s father which she had found in one of the boxes when she was hiding in the storeroom from king’s men, yesterday as instructed by her stepmother. When her mother and sisters saw the royal minister they went to welcome him home but he paid no heed and asked to meet Cinderella. Cinderella greeted the royal minister as he said,” It is a pleasure to meet you Miss. Prince would like to meet you in the evening for dinner together. A carriage will be sent to you,” before Cinderella could say something the minister and his men went. “You are not going to meet the prince,” her step mother’s fierce voice came from behind with her sisters agreeing their mother but now she knew what belonged to her. She showed her stepmother and sisters the letter signed by her father who gave his whole property to Cinderella. “I think mother, now it should not be a problem for me to meet the prince.” her stepmother and sisters didn’t dare to speak, taking their silence as yes she went to get ready for the evening. She searched for dresses to wear but didn’t find the one suitable. “What should I wear? There is nothing which can match the prince’s standards.” She sat thinking on her bed when the fairy godmother came and saw her sitting sad, “What happened my child?” Cinderella noticed her and said, “Godmother, I don’t have a single dress to wear for today’s dinner.” Godmother who had been seeing her for days asked, “I can solve that problem but I have one question to ask?” Cinderella nodded to continue. Godmother said, “Think from your heart before you answer me.” She paused for a second and then questioned, “Do you really want a dress to represent who you are?” Cinderella who was confused about presenting herself till now understood what she was doing. Godmother disappeared knowing now Cinderella knew herself and the decision now she will take will be the right one. Cinderella got ready in one of her regular dresses and waited for the evening. When she went outside her mother and sisters were confused seeing her dressed simply but didn’t dare to say something.

The royal minister dropped her at the palace gate and told her the way to go. She followed the instructions and reached the garden which was decorated beautifully with lights. The different flowers with lights decorating them was a beautiful sight. The fountain in the middle of the garden was completing the view. The dinner table was set up near one of the trees which has dishes waiting to be savoured. While Cinderella was busy admiring the beauty of the garden , the prince came and stood by her side confused with what she was wearing. Feeling someone standing near her she straightened herself and curtsied the prince. “Welcome, your highness,” she said as the prince tried to recognise her from the banquet dance. “Welcome Miss. Let’s go for dinner,” he asked as he started to go in the direction of the dinner table. “I really liked that you came here for today’s dinner. I have been meaning to ask you something very important,” he said as he offered the dishes in front of them to Cinderella. “Your highness, it will be my pleasure. And I also wanted to tell you something,” she said as she served the food to prince. “Miss Cinderella, from the time I have seen you at the ball I knew you were the one for me and now I would like to marry you,” he said showing the diamond ring he especially prepared for the future princess. She knew this would happen but this soon was not expected by her. She closed her eyes remembering the recent incidents in her life which changed her life completely but what bothered her more was the question prince asked. Was she ready to marry him? Was she ready to be a princess? Was she ready to be a queen one day? Was she ready for any of what happened in her life? “Miss, are you okay?” Prince asked concerned as she didn’t open her eyes for a few minutes. “Prince,…….. the night of the ball was one of the memorable nights of my life and it should be my pleasure to be a princess……… but I think I am not ready to marry you,” Cinderella replied as she sat near the prince. The prince who was never told no in his life didn’t know what happened to her to behave like this. He gathered all his courage to ask Cinderella once again,” And why do you think so?” Cinderella who was puzzled with this question from morning finally got the answer as she replied, “Your highness we barely know each other. If to say truly I don’t even know your name and every other little thing about you. That night I was very much excited to meet you. As after many years I got the chance to come out of my house without any restrictions. It was great but just now when I got my freedom back I don’t think I am ready to be part of someone else’s life. I know you or every other person who will hear about me not accepting your offer will consider me as fool but please try and understand I want to live my life and I am not rejecting your offer but just want some time to be myself and see this world with my own eyes with not being a maid, a daughter, a princess, just me as Cinderella.” Prince who had never imagined this to happen was shattered but then understood how she wanted to live her life which he also agreed to do with her. After few minutes of silence which felt like hours, prince voice startled her. “It’s Robert Noah McCleary”, he said confusing Cinderella. “What?” She asked about what he said earlier. “It’s my name, Robert Noah McCleary. And it is my pleasure to meet you and I hope someday I’ll qualify to be a part of your life.”

That’s how a new chapter in their life started with more adventures and exciting journeys.


It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.

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