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Secret Message of LOVE

This park always make me feel peace. The peace which was not part of my day to day life but this park holds the memories which will always be part of my life. The memories which cannot be forgotten, the memories of my first love. A few years back I had a routine to come to this park daily. It gave me the peace, undeniable silence and some time to process my thoughts. Every day I used to sit on the same bench shared with a boy who never looked away from his book, actually the best part about sitting with him. He gave me the necessary time to think in silence which I desired but one day changed everything.

I was stressed out and sitting in the park I ate many heart candies with a secret message on them but I only collected them without reading. Suddenly, a call came which was regarding some work and I collected all my things and when I started walking a voice interrupted, ‘Excuse me, I think these are yours.’ The voice belonged to the boy who usually sat near me but it was the first time listening to his voice, his voice was masculine but with a strange calmness. The calmness which can soothe all the pain inside one’s heart. He again asked, ‘These belongs to you, right?’ His voice was filled with uncertainty making me realise that I haven’t answered yet. ‘I am so sorry…….and yes these belong to me.’ I answered collecting all the secret messages from heart candies which he was referring. He smiled which was enough to warm one’s soul. I never had a crush on him but seeing him smiling realised how I have a crush on him from days I don’t know. I left the place in a hurry making myself an idiot in front of him who was staring at him from which anyone could feel uncomfortable. After that, I was busy for weeks which led me not to read those secret messages. It was Saturday night when I finally read those messages. The messages were quite intimate which confused me.

“I met you here when you were sad.”

“I met you when you were happy.”

“I met you many times without being noticed.”

“I loved how you laughed.”

“I loved the way you smiled.”

“I could be your secret admirer or the one who loves you deeply.”

“I can be anyone. You just need to find me.”

“You are the music which makes my life an Ephiny.”

“I wish to be with you.”

“Everything is strange in this world but with you it is beautiful.”

The last message actually took my breath away.

“It seems you love these heart candies with secret messages. One last message from the boy next to you, ‘Would you like to have coffee with me?'”

I couldn’t believe that he had noticed me from his book. He was a bookworm but his confession was cute.

The message continued, ‘If you are okay then come and meet me on the same bench tomorrow 11 am.’

Next day did changed my life.

‘Shreya’, the love of my life called. ‘Let’s go’, he said sitting near me.

‘Come let’s sit here. It’s beautiful to sit here with you,’ I said as we interlocked our hands.

‘Would you like to have coffee with me again?’ he said reminding us the memories of happiness we had bring together in our life . Life is graceful and beautiful with him.


It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.