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Album of Memories (Part 2)

The soft breeze touched refreshing their memories together when Shreya was a young child she was also part of these little ventures. But as she grew older she became distant and her parents also gave her the needed space. While growing up, she never felt the change but now it seems, some things changed. “Dad, you remember when I used to come with you two, I always wanted to roam around but both of you had your special place decided and I always used to distract you both with my tantrums,” she said smiling at her parents who smiled back. “Yes, you used to but we loved that about you and now that you are with us let’s go and eat something,” saying this her father took them to their favourite restaurant. That day Shreya and her parents enjoyed a lot and she got to know their secret places where they usually used to come. She noticed how her parents also had their little nok-jhok but every time one or the other pacifies. She was still in thought when her mother asked,” Shreya, what are you thinking? Is everything okay?” Shreya looked at her mother who was looking at her with concern, she smiled and answered, “Mom, I was thinking about dad and your relationship. It is so pure, nothing in it is fake. You both show every emotion to each other and there is always that unknown sense of understanding between you both which makes it even more beautiful.” Her parents smiled and looked at her proudly when suddenly her father said, “Do you when we got married I only knew your mother’s name and the same was with her. It took years for us to develop the relationship we have now. But we both did efforts to make it successful. You know when you want to make a relationship work it has to be a joint effort from you and your partner. There were times when we didn’t agree with each other but instead of fighting we chose to talk and resolve the matter. If to tell you frankly then yes it sometimes used to get worse but it did work. If you have patience and trust then you can make a relationship work. It is not an overnight project but a lifetime project which has to be done by both the partners with equal effort.”

Now, Shreya was very clear what she wanted in a relationship and how much efforts it takes to make it work.


It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.

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