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Album of Memories (Part 1)

“Good Morning and a very happy anniversary to both of you, Mom and Dad,” 18-year-old Shreya wished her mother and father who were busy in seeing their wedding album reminiscing their memories, the memories of their love, the memories of their togetherness and the memories of their trust on each other. Those vows are still fresh just like their love. Shreya was familiar with their routine for this special day, it was usually same every year, they would sit together in the morning with their coffee and ginger tea with their album which is a little old for today’s world but still refreshing for them. After seeing their album for hours and remembering those minute details with every photograph, they go to add one more photo to their album of memories. Shreya loved everything about her parents but never understood how those two people who are different in every other way, who have different choices, different fields of work, different struggles in life, how these two people loved each other immensely. While growing up she has seen her father waiting for her mother to come from work and eat and when her father was out for work, how her mother would call him regularly to remind him about his medications. How her mother knows when her father needed something and how her father was always there for her mother when needed. Her parents had an arranged marriage and had not even seen each other until their wedding day. And their professions are poles apart, her mother is an engineer and her father is a theatre artist, and when they got married they were at the peak of their careers. She has always wanted to ask how this all was possible?

“Mom, Dad I have been wanting to ask you something from years,” she said disturbing her parents who were ready to go out for new additions to their album of memories. “Yes, sweetheart say what you wanted to ask,” her father said while her mother waited for her to continue. “Mom, Dad you both had an arranged marriage,” she stops in middle to look at their expressions. “Yes,” this time her mother answered but equally confused just like her husband. “You know I have been in a relationship but it didn’t worked out even after so much common between us and look at both of you, you have completely different choices and attitudes and please don’t misunderstand me, I really love you both and what you have is just adorable but I also want something like that in my life,” she said looking at her parents who were smiling at their little daughter. They came and hug her and for minutes kept quite which made Shreya nervous, she doubted if she has asked a wrong question. This time her mother answered, ” Don’t doubt yourself, you have not asked anything wrong and we are proud of you that you finally got the courage to ask. And what you wanted to ask about our relationship, do one thing, come with us today and see by yourself.” Shreya looked at her mother and smiled nodding yes. All three of them went to capture memories for their album of memories.


It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.

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