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The Resignation

When life becomes constant and you search for something new.

Respected Sir,

I remember the day I came for an interview and when everyone including you fired me with questions and me, who just got out of college with no experience how these MNC’s work was trying to answer every question hesitatingly and nervously. And when I thought I had messed up very badly, you told I was selected. This job was a dream come true opportunity which I had always wanted since I thought about working. I sometimes wondered what you saw in that scared graduate to offer this job. It has been 5 years now that I have worked here and this company has become my family. This family taught me the basics of work and many more things to survive in this world. I have always looked forward to working here. It’s a pleasure to work here but now I am getting much comfortable here. And from all, I have learned in these years I want a job which is challenging to me. This company, this family will always be in my heart but now it is time for me to leave this and search for a place where I am challenged enough to groom and grow myself.

Yours Sincerely Avinash


It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.

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