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CHOICE is Love

Destiny makes you meet but it is always your choice to Love

You always asked what do I like about you. I never answered because I loved everything about you. Your smile which made my day, your eyes, which spoke without words, everything about you……was special. You……. were special. I never understood why someone like you chose me, who has many flaws, the scars from the past are still fresh even after all these years, who is still stuck in the past. But when I met you……. everything changed, you made me a better person, I realized it is not just a person but how that person affects, you made sure I was happy, I was always your priority. And now I want to make you …… priority. I know I am late but you know I have been always like this, always late, you were the one who always made it on time. You were at the correct time in my life it was me who misunderstood it. LOVE for me has always been a four-letter word which has the power in it to shake a person’s entire world and you……… did shake my world but for good. I have believed love is a weakness but now I understand it is the only strength that a person needs to fight this world. You know I have not grown up reading fairytales, I have seen people separating after taking vows of eternal love, but for once I want to believe in power of love, power that we will stay happily ever after, power that even if we will face many difficulties we will stay together, power that we both were meant to be together. You know from the first day of our relationship I believed there is no future of this relationship but now ………I cannot live without you. You always said it was our destiny that we met, it might be destiny which helped us to meet but it was my choice to love you. I have always loved you and I promise I will always love you. You were not the first person whom I loved but you definitely will be the last. It was always about you and it will always be about you.


It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.

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